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Medley is a marketplace and creative platform for educational games. Whether you’re looking to find games to use with your students or create and sell your own, Medley is the place!

About Medley

Empowering educators, therapists and creators

Medley was created by an SLP who was, like many of us, underwhelmed with the outdated tools and resources available for our therapy sessions today. Medley’s custom educational game builder, Freestyle, enables resource creators to build anything they can dream up – real, engaging games, not just drag-and-drop gimmicks. Browse the Medley marketplace and you’ll see just how impactful Medley’s modern tools and games can be for your sessions!


Medley games are unlike anything you’ve seen before!

Try out a Medley game and you’ll see why the platform amassed 5000 active users within its first 3 months. When students use a Medley game, they tend to ask for more!

Growing marketplace of free and paid games

Free, unlimited student profiles and classrooms

Perfect for virtual or in-person therapy

Free data tracking on many games

Qualified creators and quality content

Student Tested

Students learn best when they’re interested in the content, and especially when they’re having fun. Medley delivers – our users report students asking for remote play links so they can keep playing at home.

Flexible Use

Whether you’re primarily a teletherapist, in-person therapist, or a combination of both, Medley works how you need it to. Remote play links allow you to send games home or use them in another classroom (such as for push-in therapy).

Designed for Today

We know from experience that students simply aren’t impressed with “games” that are really nothing more than static digital flash cards (that’s so 2005!). Medley’s activities are made for and approved by today’s students. 

Medley is with you at every step

Medley is for creators, therapists, teachers, students, and parents alike. Want to create your own interactive games? Apply to be a creator from your Medley account and get started making, using, and selling your own games. More interested in finding already-made games that are sure to impress your students and clients? You can create a free account and be playing educational games within minutes.

Create games (if that's your thing)

Find pre-made activities for your caseload

For in-session or at-home use


Accounts are Free, Always

All accounts are completely free and fully-featured (don’t worry – you’re not going to run into any paywalls at Medley). Find both free and paid games and activities in our marketplace, created with care only by qualified SLPs and educators.