Speech Arcade

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Speech Arcade provides you with an ever-growing library of mini-games that you can use with thousands of pre-made speech therapy targets for any goal area. Use it for free today!

About SPeech Arcade

Your all-in-one tool

Speech Arcade empowers you to assign goal areas to each student on your caseload, and automatically only shows each student their own goal areas when it’s their turn. It also takes data for each individual student in your group and generates detailed reports by goal area and time period – so you can focus on your students, not your paperwork.


Speech Arcade is so much more than just games!

Speech Arcade takes care of your session prep, your daily data, and your progress reports with ultra-engaging games to use via teletherapy, in-person, or at home for extra practice with remote play links.

Growing mini game library

Unlimited student profiles

Perfect for virtual or in-person therapy

Automatic data tracking

Thousands of pre-made targets

Simple Data Collection

Choose the All Access + Reporting plan to enable automatic data collection during each gameplay session. Collect individualized data for groups of any size at once.

Mixed Groups – Built In

Speech Arcade is the ultimate tool for mixed groups, period. Assign goal areas to each student once, and every time you play a game with them, they’ll only receive questions for their own goals.

Target Any Skill

Speech Arcade comes with tens of thousands of pre-made targets for any goal area. Not enough? You can add your own, too.

Your Session Prep, Content, and Data in One Place

Set up your games in seconds before your session, let Speech Arcade collect your data for you, and simply visit your “Reports” section come progress report time to view your students’ progress on each of their goals and download graphs you can use in your write-ups.

Prep your Session in Seconds

Let Speech Arcade take your data

Progress Reports are Built In

Try Speech Arcade!

Start for Free – No Credit Card Required

At Speech Arcade, we want you to be able to try out our service with no limitations before you make any kind of commitment. That’s why we offer a free trial week – so that you can make sure it’s a fit for your caseload at no cost to you.